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Promoting Health and Delaying the Onset of Disabilities Together as a Vibrant Community

Eden Social Welfare Foundation


4F., No. 6, Wanhe St., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


With an increasingly diverse society, the era when the physically and mentally disabled suffered from the "pitiful and sympathetic" looks of society has long since passed. What people with disabilities really need is not the sympathy of the world, but to support them in integrating with their community by making use of community-related resources, and sharing the same full community participation rights afforded to their able-bodied peers.


38 years ago, Ms. Liu Xia founded the Eden Social Welfare Foundation after witnessing discrimination against people with disabilities, many of whom were ostracized by society at large, and even ignored completely. The foundation was committed to speaking out for the rights and interests of disabled people in Taiwan. 38 years later, Eden has more than 200 service bases across Taiwan, ranging from vocational training and rehabilitation for the physically and mentally challenged, early treatment services to the establishment of care institutions. Over the past 15 years, we found that elderly people in communities around Taiwan have gradually needed more support and assistance, and this has spurred us to promote and provide home care services, as well as undertake many day care centers for the elderly. Due to the diversity of services offered, we are better positioned to understand the needs of disabled friends and their families. The Eden Foundation will continue to advocate for the rights of the underprivileged and maximize the use of donations from the public so that more disabled friends can enjoy unhindered community care.


The Eden Social Welfare Foundation firmly believes that challenging long-held assumptions in society is a key priority. As Eden attaches great importance to making people with disabilities feel at ease and fit in with their respective communities, it is also important to educate people on how to get along and interact with disabled friends. Eden also advocates that any person with a disability should enjoy the full use of resources in the community. In the past, the needs of disabled friends were often ignored, and they were forced to stay at home. The Eden Foundation believes that true equality is to allow ordinary people to make full use of community resources while at the same time allowing disabled friends to also enjoy unfettered access and secure living space within the community.


In terms of health promotion, the most important aspect is to promote inner happiness. For an unhappy person, no matter how much the community resources are made available to him/her, it will round out to zero if he/she remains unhappy. In addition to leading a happy life, Eden also strongly encourages the elderly to remain "active." It not only refers to exercise but also for the elderly to participate more within the community and socialize with other people. This is to prevent the seniors from drawing back from society due to their advancing age and leading a solitary life.


Therefore, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation has always emphasized that leading a happy and meaningful life means making full use of the community’s resources to remain active and blend in with the community. Eden is a strong believer that whether for disabled people or the elderly, the most important thing is to give oneself more opportunities to participate in various activities, to prevent or delay the onset of various disabilities.


Over the past 10 years, more and more people have realized the importance of continuous learning, and have taken up their part in social responsibility. In this respect, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation advocates that young students should know more about various social groups and understand the needs of each respective group. For example, the disabled are one such group, and the silver-haired elders are another group. Current students as well as people who have just entered the workforce can get to know more about NGOs by participating in various volunteering activities, where they can also gain an in-depth understanding of the perspectives and feelings of the people they are helping. Through these activities, they gradually learn how to interact with disabled friends or the elderly, and gain a deeper mutual understanding and respect for each other.


Social responsibility is extremely crucial for increasing the acceptance of and mitigating stigma towards disabled groups. Therefore, Eden Social Welfare Foundation hopes that by connecting with student associations and clubs, volunteer students can use their holidays or spare time to participate in volunteer services and learn related topics in various institutions. By injecting the enthusiasm and vitality of the student community into volunteer services for disabled and senior groups, it is hoped that compelling bonds and understanding through active interactions will be formed.


We are pleased to see that the concept of USR is slowly gaining traction in society, and we hope to connect more school communities by leveraging their volunteer resources. The Eden Social Welfare Foundation welcomes all school groups to contact us. Through continuous interactions and connections, more people can gain an understanding and appreciation for our work. We hope that more people can participate in our services, care for, and support the Foundation. Through various volunteering activities, we can all help ensure that disabled groups can fully enjoy warm and inviting community resources. Please support Eden and work with us to promote a worry-free and rich community life.


Measures for Leaving a Message to Enter the Draw for the Live Streaming of the Opening Ceremony

  • Event Period

    From 13:00 to 14:00 on December 12 (Saturday), 2020

  • Event Measures

    Log in to your personal Facebook or Google account to proceed with leaving a message; each account with a successful message of #2020usrexpo left before the end of the live streaming of the opening ceremony will have an opportunity to enter the draw, and each account is restricted to winning the prize once only.

  • List of Winners

    On December 14 (Monday), 2020, the list of winners will be announced on the event official website https://2020usrexpo.org/) Announcement of the list of winners

Event Prize Content

  • 1st Prize

    “Huei Yeh” Power Extreme Massage Gun 1 winner

  • 2nd Prize

    Nestle Dolce Gusto Genio 2 1 winner

  • 3rd Prize

    KINYO Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Speaker 2 winner

  • 4th Prize

    7-11 Gift Voucher valued at NT$200 27 winner

Announcement of the list of winners

The various prizes are expected to be notified via email and also announced on the event official website on December 14 (Monday), please will the prize winners pay attention to the prize-winning information, and send back the relevant documents according to the notices & explanations; no separate notification will be issued.


  1. The event period for this event is based on Taiwan time, and the delivery of the rewards is restricted to regions including Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu.
  2. Please refer to the actual products for the event rewards, the pictures used on the website are for reference only; no request for changing colors, specs, transfers, or cash redemption will be accepted.
  3. Our event organizer will not be liable for the follow-up warranty and maintenance of the winning rewards; once the rewards have been collected, signed, and accepted, no reissuance of the rewards will be available if the rewards have been lost, peculated, discarded, or damaged. Please refer to the actual products for the prize rewards, no return or exchange will be accepted; the prize winner must contact the manufacturer of the rewards if there is any issue regarding malfunctioning, damage, or maintenance.
  4. 1st prize ~ 2nd prize (Winning prizes with a value exceeding NT$1,000 (inclusive): Each prize winner should fill out the “Reward Collection Application and Receipt (will be announced together with the announcement of the list of winners)” within 7 days (including holidays based on the post stamp) starting from the next day with the announcement of the list of winners, and must provide a copy of both sides of the ID card. The copy must be sent to the specified place via registered mail; those passing the deadline will be deemed to give up the prize and rights, and no objections will be accepted from the prize winners.
  5. 3rd Prize ~ 4th Prize (Winning prizes with a value less than NT$1,000 (inclusive): Prize winners should reply to the prize-winning notifying letter via Email within 7 days (including holidays) starting from the next day of the announcement of the list of winners, to confirm the collection of the rewards and to fill out the relevant info for sending the rewards (to confirm the address for sending the gift), and to accelerate the follow-up qualification review. If the prize winners do not complete the relevant info before the deadline, they will be deemed to give up the opportunity to collect the rewards, and no alternative gifts or reissuance of gifts will be available.
  6. When the prize winners have completed filling out the prize-winning info, the organizer will double-check the identification data of the prize winners, the rewards will only be sent out when all data is correct.
  7. All prize-winning qualification needs to be approved by the organizer before it becomes effective, all reviewing standards are based on the organizer as the only reference.
  8. If the prize winner did not fill in the data complete and correct, or cannot be in contact, or did not send back the required data within the announced time of the rewards, the prize winner will then be deemed to voluntarily give up the prize, no separate notification will be announced.
  9. According to the R.O.C Tax Act, if the prize winner is an individual residing in Taiwan, and the prize amount (value) exceeds NT$1,000 (inclusive), then a copy of both sides of the ID card will need to be handed in for taxation, which will be incorporated into individual income for the annual taxation. If the prize winner is not an individual residing in Taiwan, 20% of reward tax must be deducted from the reward first regardless of the prize amount before the prize winner can collect the reward. If the prize winner is not an adult, a household registration transcript must be provided along with a letter of consent from the legal representative. If the prize winner is unwilling to pay the tax first, he/she will be deemed to give up the reward, and no objections will be accepted.
  10. If the prize winner is in violation of the relevant event measures or has other dissents, the organizer is allowed to retrieve the reward and no objections from the prize winner will be accepted. If a judicial dispute is involved, all legal liabilities will be held by the individual. The organizer will not be liable.
  11. If it is confirmed that the participant used a hacker program or other method that evidently violates the fairness of the event in an attempt to influence the event, the organizer is then allowed to disqualify the participant immediately or to cancel the prize-winning qualification. Compensation will be liable if a loss is caused for the organizer due to this.
  12. For reasons that the organizer are not liable for, including a computer, network, telephone, or technique issues resulting in the delay, loss, incorrect, unidentifiable, or damaged data uploaded by the participants, the organizer will not be liable for any legal liability, and no objections from the participants and prize winners will be accepted.
  13. The organizer reserves the rights to review the qualification of the event participants, if the organizer or a third party has reported that the participants are found to use methods that are intentional or evidently violate the fairness of the event, or do not conform to the rules of this event, the organizer will then be allowed to cancel the prize immediately.
  14. The event measures are stated on the event platform, the organizer reserves the right to alter the event details at any time (participating method, gift content and quantity…etc.); the participants must agree completely to follow and obey the alterations of the event without any objection. Please refer to the announcement of the event measures if alternations have been made to the event measures, no separate notification will be available.
  15. Unmentioned matters of this event should be handled according to the relevant rules of the civil law; the organizer reserves the rights to maintain, modify, cease and explain the content, as well as to cancel the prize-winning qualification of any prize winner influencing other prize winners’ rights. Refer to the announcement on the platform for the modification info; no separate notification will be available.
  16. Participants in the event agree to accept the event measures and notices, if, in violation, the organizer will then be allowed to cancel the qualification of the participant or the prize winner, and then request the participant for compensation for the losses caused.
  17. When the event is unable to be conducted due to force majeure causes, the organizer has the rights to cancel, terminate, modify, or cease the event. Participants in the event are deemed to accept the effectiveness of the rules, for unmentioned matters, the organizer reserves the rights to modify, terminate, and alter the event content details without giving out a separate notification.


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