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About Human and Nature: Small Talk about “EEFT”

Environmental Ethics Foundation of Taiwan


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No. 215, Sanjiu Rd., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


“EEFT” stands for “men” and “nature”;

Ethics is about “relationship,” relationship between “men” and “nature”.

If “men” can learn to coexist with “nature”, it will not be a problem for them to get along with each other. We are not used to interventions. We believe life will find a way out in nature's serenity.


By integrating the specialties of education, marketing, environmental research, fieldwork, and natural center operation, “EEFT Environmental Ethics Foundation of Taiwan” was established after Earth Day in 2007 and expects to become a “learning organization with quality environmental communication and conservation promotion.” EEFT aims to maintain environmental ethics and promote environmental sustainability by participating in environmental education, theme promotion, and diversified developments in the hope of expanding the society's concern for, reflection on, and conversation about the sustainable environment. Also, we expect more people are willing to take action and bear the responsibility for our common future together.


Education is a long-lasting job. Therefore, we work with schools to promote the implementation and innovation of environmental education with a focus on the multiple developments required by school education. EEFT  develops various ecological board games such as “Fantastic Birds in Nature,” “Water Cycle Map 2.0,” and “Farming with the Solar Terms” which include themes of biodiversity, water resource, and land value. Also, with various materials and teaching aids matching the on-site teaching, we guide the student to get close to nature by explaining profound theories in simple language to make the learning of environmental issues more interesting and inspiring. As for the outdoor activity, with the support of the Ministry of Education, the “Green Field Observer” of EEFT  leads students into the field to understand the unique ecological landscape of the water terrace from the perspective of “forest, river, village, and ocean”: the water terrace does not exist independently because, as we discover, the forest, valley, river flowing to the downstream, flooding wetland, intertidal zone and the river mouth with marine life are all connected as we broaden our sight. These landscapes starting from the Northeast coast influence and support each other with a strong lineup. They are “Captain Taiwan” and serve as the environmental foundation that supports the sustainable development of the society in Taiwan.


As for the learning center located in the field, EEFT  works with the public sector to actively promote the construction and operation of quality environmental education centers, design promotional courses for parks with environmental education characteristics, and implement planning and practice focusing on the professional knowledge training of the environmental education personnel to enhance the environment in the field. We hope more and more people can walk into a learning center and acquire in-depth environmental experiences during the process. For example, EEFT  has been commissioned by the Luodong Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau, to operate the Luodong Nature Center since 2008. On the one hand, the Center adopts the forestry understanding as the starting point to care for the development and environment changes of the forestry; in the meantime, it develops outdoor courses which are full of local features to become an important partner for the education within the system. In 2017, EEFT  started a project with the Kinmen Botanical Garden to plan and design programs that fit both local features and environmental education goals. We also hosted training sessions for on-site personnel. Through the public-private collaboration, the Garden becomes an important platform for visitors to understand the ecology and conservation work in Kinmen.


On the other hand, EEFT  continues to integrate resources to promote environmental initiatives and ecosystem services. In the water terrace rehabilitation project in Gongliao village, we worked with farmers, the consumers, and the public sector for the conservation of the environment. From 2010 to this day, people are inspired by the stories here about the harmonious Satoyama relationship between men and nature.


Modeling after the “Satoyama Initiative,” the Forestry Bureau designed the National Green Eco-Network” plan, in the hope of bolstering Taiwan's ecosystem by connecting spots into lines and plans. EEFT  participated in taking stock of Taiwan's Satoyama hotspots. We monitor regional ecology to build a database for basic investigation. We also provide suggestions related to ecological conservation.


Besides, EEFT  holds local tours to invite the public to the Tianliaoyang Wetland in Gongliao, New Taipei City. The wetland is full of various landforms, including marsh, paddy field, dry farmland, grassy marsh, and forest. It attracts a great number of migrant birds every autumn and winter and is an important habitat for numerous water creatures. The public can have a deeper sense of identification by getting close to the wetland to experience it firsthand. They can then turn their sense of identification into force to support. We also host promotional events for eco-friendly local agricultural products and dedicate ourselves to establish an business model compatible with conservation. We help local farmers to raise brand awareness and open new selling channels, in the hope of increasing their income and developing local communities. This is an important link to the “society-ecology-production landscape” in the Satoyama Initiative.


River conservation is also one of our primal concerns. Rivers connect terrestrial ecosystems and are an important ecological corridor of the water area. Degradation of the water ecosystem will impact forests, farms, wetlands, coasts, and activities on land. Through river tours, workshops, and media promotions, we provide the public with channels to see the true faces of rivers - especially the ecology and environmental features of independent streams- and help accumulate knowledge about local rivers.


The 21st century is an era of social responsibility. The Ministry of Education promotes the university social responsibility (USR) Project to encourage college students to enter local communities and make these communities site for education. EEFT , devoted to local communities for many years, is willing to become an ideal-realizing career platform for the USR generation. We lead students to explore environmental issues with our professional knowledge and experiences and cultivate their capability to come up with solutions and work with local resources. During the process, students can utilize their professional knowledge to participate in, give service to, and voice for the environment. Environmental education should not be empty talks. It should be realized in practical actions.


Meanwhile, we expect a younger generation with the same idea can come to learn and practice agricultural technology. We also hope to develop an ideal model of "local-consumer-NPO-public conservation sector” multilateral support system. With this system of learning from nature, biodiversity and ecosystem services can further prosper.


Further Reading:

Official Website: http://www.eeft.org.tw
IG : https://www.instagram.com/eeft2007/

LINE: https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40dch5272j




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