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Sinyi Realty CSR project - We are One 

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“Community” is the fundamental building block, the epitome of society; it is the first thing we encounter when stepping out of our home. A flight of steps, an apartment building, a street, a township, and even Taiwan are all extensions of communities. If we can treat communities as our homes, we will engender positive energy that can bring back the wonderful years of mutual trust and cooperation.


Since 2004, Sinyi Realty has launched the “We are One.” Inspired by the essence of simple, down to earth customs and mindsets of yesteryear, the project emphasizes the idea of people-orientation and grassroots democracy. The project encourages people to participate in community-building. By pooling together everyone's wisdom and strength, the aim is to restore the ambiance of neighborliness and kindness in Taiwan. The "We are One" focuses on local communities, stressing camaraderie to materialize the bottom-up spirit of civil society. Communities are free to submit their proposals without restrictions, and they are encouraged to tailor their proposals to fit their needs. By incorporating co-learning resources and mechanisms, every organization that has submitted proposals through the "We are One" can receive the assistance necessary to develop their community awareness.


In 2015, Sinyi Realty unveiled the second 10-year “National Community Building Action Plan.” Continuing the spirit of the first 10-year project, the objective of the new campaign is to expand participation by attracting more people to engage in public affairs. People of all gender and age are encouraged to address community problems and unleash their creativity to lend a helping and transform daydreamers, into community builders. The "National Community Building Action Plan" not only extends the spirit of the first 10-year project but also urges the public to focus on both community-building and facilitate social transformation. Beginning from one's own house and community, the campaign hopes to get everyone involved in public affairs and present innovative proposals to restore Taiwan's vitality for sustainable development.


“The National Community Building Action Plan” consists of 3 categories: “Personal Dreams”, “Happy Communities”, and “School Development.” The “School Development” category is subdivided into “University and College Youth Group, High School Teacher and Student Group, and Elementary School Teacher and Student Group.” All teachers and students in Taiwan, no matter what level they are in, are invited to form their joint teams and join the program. The proposal submission period is between March and April every year, and it is open to all student-and-teacher joint teams. By going into communities, one expands his or her venue of learning from school campuses to the surrounding communities and hence realizes knowledge in tangible actions. As long as you have an innovative idea about community-building, you can submit your proposal in writing form. Once selected, you will receive a grant up to TWD 150,000.


As of now, Sinyi Realty has invested more than TWD 400 million. Throughout the years, 11,883 community proposals from across Taiwan have been submitted, and 22,608 of them have been materialized. The proposals cover 99.46% of towns, townships, and cities in Taiwan, making this the largest and longest community-building project in the country. It earned the “Community Building Award” of the 9th Presidential Cultural Awards. Sinyi Realty is the first private enterprise to receive such an award.


Project proposals and case studies over the years are showcased on the “Community Building Knowledge Cloud” on Sinyi Realty’s official website for the public. Teachers and students can learn from past projects, become inspired, and present their own proposals. They are encouraged to take part in the program and acquire resources to rebuild their communities. An example is the proposal from China University of Technology, Hsinchu campus CUTE Radio -the top award recipient in the 2018 university and college student group. They propagated radio empowerment courses for broadcasters to community residents to foster local interactions. Furthermore, they produced audiobooks for the blind to encourage them to make adaptations and overcome difficulties in life. CUTE Radio's endeavor to develop the community have been filmed in the documentary “Hearing Happiness.” The National Community Building Action Plan wishes to expand public participation and increase the impact of community building through the media.


Recently, Sinyi Realty has co-authored books such as “A Good Village – 18 Small Town Stories of Sun and Hope,” and “ A Good Village 2 – Heartwarming Stories of 35 Villages Striving to Achieve the Common Good” with CommonWealth Magazine, who also organized community building-related forums and invited frontline workers to share their practical experience to bolster the knowledge of aspiring community-building workers. In regards to multimedia, besides filming the We are One Documentary Series with CNEX, Sinyi has proactively collaborated with popular social media among youths, hoping to encourage them to engage in community building and introduce more positive influences into society.


With an emphasis on community building, Sinyi Realty has sought to fulfill corporate social responsibilities on multiple fronts. This includes providing grants to support the College Students' Rural Migration Competition hosted by the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture and the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education's Changemaker program that encourages young students to facilitate community development by taking action. Sinyi Realty also assisted in local team empowerment by joining forces with Hualien County Niuli Community Exchange Association, Taichung I-search, and Kaohsiung Little Township Community Alliance to help community groups, school teachers, students, and individuals with proposal writing, project execution, and local integration. Sinyi Realty also organize community building-related forums or workshops from time to time to provide youths with diverse learning venues so that through experience sharing and exchange they can come up with different community building ideas. In the future, Sinyi Realty will continue to consolidate resources from more NPOs, social enterprises, and government agencies to let the strength of community building take root and propagate, thereby shifting the primary goal from “We are One ” to “National Community Building.”


Further Reading:

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