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Let’s March Towards a Circular Economy Future!

Circular Taiwan Network
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“If you want toTo walk fast, walk alone. If you want toTo walk far, walk together.”


We are Circular Taiwan Network, a non-profit organizationn NPO promoting the development of a circular economy in Taiwan. Since 2015, we have endeavored to facilitate industrial and social transformations in Taiwan through communication, advocacy, and connecting key sectors such as the consolidation of the industry, government, academia, research institutions, society, and media.


  1. are aware that Taiwan is currently facingunder immense stress including climate change, reliance on imported resources, pollution and waste. Although Taiwan has amassed many resource efficient methodsNumerous effective methods for resource utilization have already been developed in Taiwan, . If they are combined with the assistance of the circular economy, Taiwan has an even greater chance of turning risks into opportunities and become a pioneer in the new era. Therefore, wewe aspire to make circular economyies an integral part of everyday life in Taiwan, with the hopesing that we can help Taiwan become the leader in the global circular economy one day.


“Why do we need to understand circular economyies?” WhileFor most people are still unfamiliar withthe majority, the term phrase “circular economy,” may seem strange, but it is a global trend that is set to influence our society and lives in a significant way, perhaps developing into the career most students will want to study. It will influence career development as well, making it important to students. Many prominent brands such asincluding Apple, Google, Philips, H&M, and Coca-Cola have incorporated circular economies into their development strategies and in turn altered theimpacted global supply chains. Besides international brands, countries around the world are gradually including circular economies into their national development policies, and Taiwan is no exception.


“We cannot continue to squander deplete natural resources and the health of our citizens in the same way as we have indid in the past., Ttherefore, we will enforce more rigorous controlling measures to combat all types of pollution and steer Taiwan in the direction of a circular economyies,” stated President Tsai Ing-Wen during her inauguration ceremony in 2016. She also proposed the “5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan,.” with one of the plus two referring One of the two refers to circular economyies. Over the past 4Four years later years, as the seeds of the circular economy has began to take rootgerminated in the governments, industriesy, and various fields. As a result, more and more people are starting started to understand that profits can be achieved without sacrificing the environment inwithin the circular economy business model, the economy we enjoy now can be achieved without sacrificing the environment. Therefore,As a result, many innovative Taiwanese start-ups have startedare collaborating with local enterprises and organizations and have developed a wide range of unique, interesting, and profoundly meaningful projects.


William Butler Yeats, tThe Irish poet, Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” At Circular Taiwan Network, we believe that education is an essential element in promoting circular economies in society. Some of theThe ideas students come up with at schools may seembe outlandish,whimsical but circular economy needs precisely this type of creative space for potential solutions and imagination is the first step toto be discussed in order to solveing difficulta problems. It is also needed to promote circular economies!


Mankind lives in a restless and turbulent world today. Now, humanity is confronted with clamors and turmoilsIn addition to; Besides the COVID-19 pandemic, we are alsoare also facinged with the climate change crisises. According to the World Economic Forum’'s 2020 “Global Risks Report,” the top five5 risks with the highest likelihood and impact in the next decade include extreme weather, climate action failure, natural disaster, loss of biodiversity loss, and human--made environmental disasters. The report points out that environmental problems will be the most severe challenge for humanity, far outweighing the impact of communicable diseases.


Such predicament comes from the relentless repeated use cycle of the “takeexcavate-, manufacturemake-, use-, and disposeal,” cycle, also known as the classical “linear economy.” “Circular economyies” aims to change this economic model by re-designingplanning how resources are utilized. The goal is to consume fewer resources but generate more value by designing high-quality services or products to accommodate everyday needs.


For instance, Color Park, a Taiwanese lighting enterprise, “Color Park” upstarted withholds the philosophy thatof “[what people]What we need is light, not light bulb products” and launcheds athe “light renting” service where the responsibilities of themodel to its clients in which the light bulbs' belong ownership is returned to the company. Since Color Park treats its lighting products the same as if they are a renewable resourceas assets, the maintenance, and recycling of products becaome so much easier after they were redesigneding. This is a benefit as it prevents.


There is no the need to produce new products by depleting resources., and the Cclients can also prevent the problems ofavoid dealing with replacing light bulbs replacements by taking advantage of thee versatile and excellent flexible service. ThisThe identical strategy is also employed by found in two start-ups “ChingPiao ” and “Good To Go,.” two start-ups companies that Both operate similar similar business models of container rental services. With the goalambition of resolving waste problems caused by disposable containers, they started searching for business opportunities and found and adopted new materialsthe solution by changing the source. Now, their containers are usedseen in various activities including marathons, outdoor eventsfunfairs, and forums. Most users of the service support the initiative because they agree that convenience should not be enjoyed at the expense of the while enjoying the convenience, people should not “sacrifice the environment.”environment.


The aforementioned organizations have all collaborated with schools and helped to introduce the concept of circular economies to students. As a result, Students now can start their own initiatives. sStudents from NCKU, NTHU, and several senior high schools have already formed clubs to promote the philosophy of circular economies. We encourage more young people to participate in relevant projects and facilitate industry-academia collaborations. These for the experiences can provide them with a starting point for their own businesses more entrepreneurial orand career alternatives in the future!


Circular Taiwan Network’s threeThe 3 mainjor missionsconcepts are as follows of Circular Taiwan Network include:


(1) Communication: Inspireing the public's imaginations through books, columns, videos, reports, speeches, courses, workshops, social media, and mass media, andthereby turning those ideas into actions. We have published two books titled Circular Economy and Towards A Circular Taiwan – 66 Circular Stories. WMoreover, we also hosted the firstinaugural Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable in 2019, which was attended by , inviting speakers and participants from 18 countries to explore important trends in global industries and markets.

(2) Advocacy: We have engaged in discussions with the government, legislative authorities, and think tanks to help redesign policies in order to create a legislative and make them more suited to climate that is more suited to the the development of circular economy environment. We are a member of the National Council for Sustainable Development, EPA Recycling Fund Management Board, EPA Renewable Resource Recycling and Reuse Promotion Committee. We also participate on the, and review boards of various circular economy-related projects implemented by various ministries and departments in the government.

(3) Network: Linking the industry, government, academia, research institutions, society, media, and international organizations to promote circular economy. We have launched the CoPartners platform to form a circular economy cooperative network in Taiwan, where the energy of practitioners is combinednsolidated in the hopes of order to transforming Taiwan's industry by 2040. We have signed an MOU with the Netherlands Office Taipei and the Netherlands Circular Hotspot, as well as dispatched teams to carry out observations in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Scotland, France, Japan, and New Zealand.


We believe we are not alone on the road path to sustainability, so join us on the journey to a circular economy! See youu soon and let's embrace the wonderful vision togetherin our wonderful envisioned future soon!.


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