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Everyone can become the Participator to Change the Society

Happen Social Design


E-mail: [email protected]

No. 35, Minzu Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City


Established in 2013, “Happen Social Design,” which is situated in the old urban area in Taichung, is devoted to 2 main themes of youth practice and old city regeneration via a co-working space achieving a sharing economy. By connecting the local groups in the community, Happy Social Design becomes an information platform of social issues and a practice station supporting young activists. Happy Social Design also guides people to solve complicated public issues and create social value by plans and practices with implied social design meaning, making various good changes to happen. In 2018, Happy Social Design continues the imagination of social group collaboration to expand co-working to co-living by participating in many social housing plans in the form of a social design firm. Happy Social Design not only considers the new type of congregate housing as a place for practicing social design but also opens the first public art project in social housing in Taiwan by boldly stepping into the field of public art.


“Happy Social Design” is formed by a group of interdisciplinary members with comprehensive backgrounds in sociology, landscape design, architecture and business administration, sharp insight, rich creativity, and practical analyzing and implementing capability. By theme study and knowledge base construction via the study group along with practical fieldwork and participant observation, we propose an innovative design and establish a joint participation mode with diversified and interdisciplinary stakeholders to solve social issues and create social values by actual actions. The interpretation of social design by “Happy Social Design” can be classified as three levels:

(1) “Social design”: This is the most direct interpretation. The term “social” here serves as an adjective to specify its difference in ordinary design and further reminds people to observe the original broad meaning of the term “design” again.

(2) “Design for the society”: The term “society” here serves as a target to be served and to enjoy the results of the design. We emphasize the goal of design and believe that the design is meant to create public interests.

(3) “Design by the society”: The term “society” here simply serves as a subject, the main part for taking actions. Our focus is the joint participation of the public while imagining the society moves to do something for itself.


The core competency of “Happy Social Design” is the planning and practice with implied social design meaning. The keywords of our past issues include “interdisciplinary integration, innovative mechanism R&D, youth and senior retiree collaboration, participatory design, planned public art, fieldwork, industrial transformation, business start-up, regional regeneration, social group co-creation, issue translation, street curation and in-depth travel.” Our multiple outputs correspond to the diversified issues concerned and we will think what style is required in different stages of each project. For example, a project may “need to manage a social group,” “need to create a new brand again,” “need to plan a space,” “need to design a series of workshop,” “need to develop a mechanism or course,” “need to prepare a true and constructive report,” “need to rebuild a system or optimize current process” or “need to find the answer through other practices.” Moreover, “Happy Social Design” will continuously apply the social design to fields of education innovation, senior participation and youth action while calling and connecting various related parties to collectively design an action plan with social influence.


Encountering complicated social issues such as the contemporary rural-urban gap, housing rights, declining industry and interpersonal relationship alienation, “Happy Social Design” believes that creating a sense of living in the local is one feasible solution. For “Happy Social Design,” the local is not limited to the geographical boundary because the meaning of the local is to rebuild the connection among people as well as people and society. Everyone can apply the thought and method of social design to their current work or further use the social design to create their ideal work. In other words, everyone can become a participant to change the society on their battlefield.


Important event:


Commission service of Taichung social housing platform practice

Public art installation project for the social housing construction in Ankang section of Fengyuan District, Guangzheng section of Dali District, and Yuxian section of Taiping District

BULAO 125 “Opening the Residence of Miyahara Takeo” serial workshop

“Social Innovation and Human-Centered Design” micro-course for Taipei First Girls High School



Industrial transformation plan of Gukeng coffee

Transformation assessment of the Gukeng public retail market (including feasibility study)



Project of promoting creative industry in the Central District of Taichung City- The youth generation startup

Old city regeneration actions such as “Life in Taichu for 30 days,” “Old town traveling” and “Midori-kawa Market”

Actions of space operation and social group connection, such as the “Being Project,” “Shop Manager Intern Project” and “Group Commensal Project”


Further Reading:

Official website: www.happen.tw

Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/HappenSocialDesign

“Small Talk” Public art result in social housing website:https://smalltalkart.com/


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  • List of Winners

    On December 14 (Monday), 2020, the list of winners will be announced on the event official website https://2020usrexpo.org/) Announcement of the list of winners

Event Prize Content

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    “Huei Yeh” Power Extreme Massage Gun 1 winner

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Announcement of the list of winners

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  1. The event period for this event is based on Taiwan time, and the delivery of the rewards is restricted to regions including Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu.
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